Legitimate financing channel in a worldwide scope: it is specialized to provide legitimate financing in asset securitization!


The company has been rated 5A1 by a business information and financial analysis rating agency.

Since 14/1/2016, this institution has been approved a global intermediary identification number (GIIN), as a Lead of an Expanded Affiliated Group under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in USA.

The institution is headquartered in Hong Kong and is identified as an emerging financial service provider in financing and trading of securities, through the convergence of art assets. It operates under two business segments:

(i) art collection and cultural promotion through international corporations and

(ii) art investment and financing through the trading of securities.

Background: This institution is a financial institution that owns assets of an international old family. This old family uses the accumulated wealth to build up credit, including art/precious assets from across various dynasties. Use these assets as a start.

Services: To provide assistance for sustainable development:

a. Unlock the value through the culture-enriched intangible and tangible art assets digitization. Realize digitized asset, provide liquidity for balance of market and long-term development.

b. Provide assets to conduct securitization within a worldwide scope and accept diversified art and innovation as well. Let the financial institutions rapidly obtain liquidity in securitization, providing a new choice of path.

c. According to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, set up stable governance institution within a worldwide scope, conduct risk management and assessment by authoritative agencies during the investment process.

d. Through the Internet, let the experts interact with enterprises, enable the experts to perform better value analysis, make judgement, propose solution.

e. Under the international rules, provide financing assistance to sustainable development, in infrastructure projects (PPP) and international trades conforming to international environmental protection standards, to promote a circular economy.

Purpose: Through the legitimate financing channel function of this institution in a worldwide scope:

a. Use intangible and tangible assets, unlock the financial values of its own, using digital assets as the core, enable these assets to integrate into real economy system.

b. Form a circular economic model in securities markets to extend the financing channels of banks!

Currently, this institution is approached by a number of banks and financial institutions from the global market in discussions of partnership to enter the securities market within countries, including but not limited to Singapore, ASEAN, UK, EU, USA and United Arab Emirates.

This institution frequently participates in the events of World Economic Forum (WEF); World Bank (WB); International Monetary Fund (IMF); International Trade Council (ITC); American Chamber of Commerce; Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC); The University of Chicago; Harvard Business Review; The Economist; a number of data company to understand the markets.

Learning that this pandemic has caused the international community to face a public health crisis and economic volatility.

Hope this emerging asset operation model of this institution can go against the current. Through the Internet, quickly extend to various regions and grow, and conduct cultural arts exchange.

Establish a complete set of unified system management to maintain the role of international legitimate channels in the financing operation!

Date: 9-4-2021

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